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  Dates for the diary 

Karen has  the DVDs & USBs!! 


She will be outside the badminton academy at 11am tomorrow for about an hour handing them out. We know it's short notice but we have had so many messages with kids desperate for them. If a friend of family member can come down that's great. If not we will make a plan to come another day. we understand there are other things on tomorrow. 


Please do not say yes to formatting the USB. It will erase it. 

Pre-book DVD/ USB - you can use your deposit to put money towards the cost.  

Thank you to everyone who pay class fees on time on a regular basis. As it makes life easier for us when we dont have to chase payments.  It allows us to concentrate on dancing duties and also allows us make our regular payments also on time.

There are still a few outstanding payments for class and term payment.

Please make any outstanding payment to the S.D.D.A bank account (using child's name as reference)

Thank you for your ongoing support 

Team S.D.D.A