S.D.D.A  Dance Show  2022

This years show will be held in The Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow. 


On Sunday 8th of May 2022

1pm show 


classes performing are: 

Starlite group 1 (there is 2 groups only group 1 will dance in this show)

Starlite Ballet 

First Steps and Junior 

Intermediate/Novice & Senior Dance 


Tickets will firstly only be available to Starlite group 1


Tickets are: £15 per adult  (16 years +)

£10 per child (15 years or under)

Under 2s must not take a seat and sit on their parents' lap.


Any tickets left from this show will be offered to other dancers in other classes also in this show. 

This years show is unlike any other.....all classes are split.

All shows will be filmed and merged into 1 DVD/ USB. You will also have have the opportunity to experience the full show at the cinema.   


Show Ticket payment 

Please do not bank transfer tickets. Once tickets are confirmed please bring an envelope to class with the following details on the front:

No. of tickets,

child’s name

child's class

amount  enclosed

Uniform and Costumes 

  • All performers will require S.D.D.A T-shirt and own black leggings and dance shoes for the show

  • If Starlite have tap shoes please bring these if not black sandshoes or jazz shoes.

  • Costumes for the show will be handed out at the dress  rehearsal on Sat 24th April. 

  • As the photographer is at the rehearsal please arrive with hair in 2 french pleats and make up is allowed if you allow your child to wear make up at both the rehearsal and show.

  • All Costumes must be returned at the show.


Note to Performers: 

Please arrive 45min before show starts  

Arrive at Stage door and you will be directed to your changing rooms. 

All Costumes must be returned at the show.


Dressers: We will have dressers back stage however if you wish to dress your own child you can. We are still in discussions with the theatre to then allow you to watch your child. This is not allowed as a rule however post pandemic we are hoping for an exception.