New Guidlines 

We understand that the guidelines around Covid 19 and as a part of that have our own guidelines 

  • We ask anyone entering the building to sanitise their hands on entering and exiting the building if this is something that your child cant do please let us know. ( allergies, have their own etc)

  • At the moment all 18+ will wear masks entering and exiting the facility however can be removed when dancing.

  • Teachers will keep masks on throughout classes and only remove if it is necessary.  (Masks make physical activity very difficult and can be dangerous however every precaution will be taken)

  • We also ask if anyone in the household is positive for Covid 19 you keep your child off. We will be recording contents so your children dont miss out. 

How the children enter and exit classes have changed.

  • With the exception of anyone with new and our pe-school class adults must wait outside. 

  • We will collect your children and bring them into and from the studios. E.g. Miss Lisa will bring the 9:45am class before Miss Hope brings down the preschool class. 

  • This is to ensure all our children get their full class time while trying to social distance each class and not clog up the venue with adults and children. 

Miss Ilana will be based downstairs at the entrance for fees and any questions 

  • However we do encourage online payment 

  • We have reinstated term fees as well as PAYG each week. 

  • As normal you wont pay when your child is off. 

  • Registers are taken in class. We will issue an invoice based on missing payments from classes that your child attended.  

Please note this is due to the current climate and wont be the norm.