S.D.D.A  Dance Show  2022

This years show will be in The Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow.

This years show is unlike any other.....all classes are split.

5th of June 2022. 11 am & 3 pm Show

All Intermediate/Novice and Senior show


The reason we have split the shows is simply space. We feel this is the only way to allow as many people as possible to see their child perform.


All shows will be filmed and merged to 1 DVD/ USB.



£10 Show deposit in an envelope with child’s name and class is required for each pupil and must be brought to class no later than 2nd of April 2022. This deposit can be put towards the purchase a digital copy of the show.

Costume money should be placed in an envelope with child’s name and class on the front and brought to class.This is so we can purchase the costumes. We can only purchase costumes that have been paid in full.

Both payments should be with us now to guarantee costume purchases for you child.