S.D.D.A  Dance Show  2022

2022 S.D.D.A Photographs 

We organised for a Professional Photographer to take posed pictures of all the children at the rehearsal and backstage. Prints are now available to purchase directly from Wee Bee Photography : www.weebeephotography.co.uk

All of the pictures are truly beautiful. We have sent an email with the password required to access the pictures taken by Wee Bee Photography. This will allow you to request copies from them directly. If you haven't received the email please get in touch. 


Once you click on the link below. Please use Your email and the password provided (via email) to access the pictures and order your pictures directly from the Wee Bee Photography Team.


All of the pictures selected to purchase will have additional professional editing if required before they are issued to you. 

Card payments can be taken from Wee Bee Photography.